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88 Pounds, Mountains and Mud Pots

Mt. Shasta, CA

I am happy to be writing this blog from Ashland, Oregon on a beautiful 75 degree day.  After a year of dreaming, down-sizing, remodeling, working with sponsors and now a month of living in the Airstream full time in our driveway….. we headed out of Alameda and into the unknown. On the Green Road has officially begun!  I wanted to share some of the things we’ve been up to since we left.  We are starting to track points of interest along our journey – you can see them on our sidebar map widget from Welocally.

We spent some time in Lassen National Forest with glacier lakes, mud pots and seriously smelly volcanic vents.  Beautiful!  Also checked out Burney Falls, Lake Britton, Mt. Shasta and are now in Ashland checking out the Shakespeare Festival tonight.

Like good RVers (wink wink), we took our little lady (our Airstream’s current name until we figure out a better one) to go get weighed as we were heading out of Alameda.  There is a weigh station close by in Oakland so we thought it would be a good idea to see if we hit our max weight or not.  We have kept a pretty good log of what we took and what we added so we knew we would be close to the 6300 lb recommended max weight.  The results are in and we did go over a bit thus the name of the blog – 88 pounds.  We spent a Saturday sifting through our stuff to take out the following.  We were surprised it all added up to 88 pounds…. here’s the list:

mixing bowl, salt/pepper shakers, backup drive, spices, dried peas, flour, molasses, vinegar, wool curtain, coconut oil, balsamic vinegar, peanut butter (we had 2), 12 volt hair dryer, wood cleaner, mirror, several pairs of shoes, sugar, cuisinart, toaster, bowls/plates, canned beans, kitchen utensils, hot chocolate, kitchen bags, pet brushes, pots, belts, food strainer, cutting board, videos, books, clothes, down comforter….. 88 pounds gone 🙂


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