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Expert’s Corner – American Clay Application 101

American Clay earthen plaster – Traditional System (3 coats)

The kind folks at American Clay Enterprises, LLC sent us over some tips on how to apply this beautiful and colorful product.  As you know we have it on our Airstream walls and ceiling so we are kind of partial…




Product Application
Ready to start using American Clay earth plasters?  We have several easy methods for turning your home into a natural beauty. Below you will find overviews and instructions on each method. If you want a more hands-on experience, stop by our workshop page to get your hands on our clay!

 To see more documents and get more information about American Clay visit:

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Choose the system that is right for you!
Traditional System (three coats)
Take it easy with our traditional system. This method is ideal for first-time users but still creates professional-level results. The traditional system primes most substrates with American Clay Sanded Primer Elite, followed by two coats of plaster. 
Download Application Instructions » (Revised 07-06-2011)

American Clay earthen plaster – Dos Manos System (2 coats)

Dos Manos Application System (two coats)
Dos manos are better than one! Experienced plasterers can save time, labor and materials costs (about 5% per square foot in product cost and about 20% of their time) by skipping most of the priming and adding PlasterPlus or Up & EZ! to the first coat of plaster to help it adhere to the substrate. This can be followed by either Dos Manos Classic, a second coat of plaster without the PlasterPlus or Up & EZ!; or Dos Manos Professional, a second coat of plaster mixed with PlasterPlus or Up & EZ!.
The Dos Manos Application System should be installed by artisans experienced with American Clay plasters. 
Download Application Instructions » (Revised 07-06-2011)
Enjarre™ System (single coat)
Enjarre™ (n-har-ray) is our newest single coat plaster. The Enjarre™ system brings a new dimension to the application of American Clay Earth Plasters. It was created to offer affordability for large commercial projects. However, it also provides a unique option to homeowners or builders so that they can choose to start with a single coat of plaster and later upgrade with a second coat of one of our premier plasters.  Enjarre™ can be both sprayed on or hand applied. 
Download Basic Application Instructions »
 Download Complete Application Instructions »

Lime Gauging System
American Clay has released a pure high-calcium lime putty to be used in conjunction with our line of award-winning earth plasters – Loma, Porcelina, Marittimo and Enjarre. The addition of lime putty by mixing it in with the clay plaster is called “Lime Gauging”. This system gives the clay additional strength as the lime will harden the surface over time.  Lime gauging does however lighten the color of the plaster significantly.
 Download Application Instructions »
Lime Washing System
American Clay has released a pure high-calcium lime putty to be used in conjunction with our line of award-winning earth plasters – Loma, Porcelina, Marittimo and Enjarre. The addition of lime putty by diluting it with water and brushing it across the clay’s surface is called “Lime Washing”.  This system is used to brighten the colors of the clay as well as give additional hardness and water resistance to the surface.
 Download Application Instructions »
Spraying On American Clay
American Clay Earth Plasters can be sprayed through various texture spray systems. Rotor pumps, rotor/stator pumps and diaphragm pumps have all produced good results. Material consistency varies with the system and the length of the hose being used. Spraying saves a significant amount of time and labor during application but more prep time is required to protect adjacent surfaces. 
Learn More » (Revised 07-22-2011)
 Watch Video Demonstration »
Artistic Applications
You can do almost anything with American Clay Earth Plasters.  It is really up to your imagination.  Some of the more common artistic applications include stencils, blending and creating unique textures. 
Learn More »



  1. Absolutely love American Clay. Thanks for all this information. And it rocks in your Airstream!

    • Thanks so much Roger – for the American Clay and Airstream love!

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