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After Photos are here.. Eco Airstream

Thanks to Barbara and Wayne Yasuhara (Y Studio Photography).  More after photos on our photos page.


  1. Wow girls, it is really official! I am excited for you in a BIG way.. now you will make it happen, very proud to know you both..LOVE the website, love seeing the pictures, best was “baby Brenda”… adorable. I wait eagerly to hear the updates and see you realize your dreams..way to go eh? 😉

  2. So happy I just found your great blog ! My husband and I just listed our much too big farm for sale in order to go tiny and sustainable on a very small farm. We are considering all ways to support ourselves and can’t wait to read thru all your old posts. Thanks for taking the time to teach others !

  3. Hi Donna – I’m jealous you have a great big farm ( I understand the desire to go smaller – still jealous though). Happy to share our journey and passion!

  4. Hi LA – welcome to our site…nice to see you here. Miss you and Santa Cruz! Love to Kate.

  5. I love what you ladies are doing! Your Airstream is beautiful. I live in a small single-wide, and it’s been one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life. Simplicity and low-waste is the only way to go!
    My friend, Tanille, and I blog about our moves into trailers – the challenges and the benefits of our choice. I’m going to post a link to your site. Love it! : )

  6. Hey Trailer Chic –

    Great to hear from you and to hear about your own small footprint living. Simplicity and low-waste is the best… yes:) Thanks for posting a link to our site. Hope to see you out on the road.

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