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Cool Biodegradable Plates Made from Palm Trees

Areca Palm bio plates hold their shape very well

We met Guru Shetty from Avani at the San Francisco Green Festival.  He has a unique product that we couldn’t resist trying out.  These bio plates are made from the Areca Palm from sheaths that have already fallen to the ground – great idea.

The Areca Palm (Betel Nut Palm) is found in South India. The collected sheaths are thoroughly pressure cleaned and mechanically pressed in a pre-heated mold. A final trimming process gives finish to the products.

The entire manufacturing process uses no chemicals or additives. No tress are cut down. A specialized baking and sterilization process ensures that the plates are completely hygienic and suitable for food.


Areca Palm bio plates from Avani

The plates are also oil and water resistant. They take up to 220ºC heat resistant, safe to use in a microwave and oven.

We have been using these off and on for the last few months and the plates hold up very well – we didn’t test them in a microwave.  We clean them by hand and let them air dry.  I believe they are approved for one time use but it’s clear they are hardy enough to use over and over again.  Thanks Guru!

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  1. These look great.

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