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I Really Think We Are Almost Ready… Photos

The remodel is almost complete.  Now don’t get me wrong – anyone that has done any type of remodel knows it’s best to carefully suggest you are almost done.  Originally, we were hoping to move into the Airstream in May… but we didn’t and now our goal is August 1st.  Things take time don’t you know 🙂 and we just put one foot in front of the other and move on. Here’s a sneak peek of work in progress before we put up the finished gallery.  Cabinet re-surfacing is coming together, the new shower door is being installed, the flexible solar panels go on the Airstream next week, the rainwater filter is being mounted under the bed frame, an extra cabinet made of scrap FSC certified wood will be put in next week, we picked up the reupholstered couch, etc.  Wheeew – so much is happening.

More cabinets ready for resurfacing

Edge banding for cabinets – Madagascar Ebony from Hardwoods Inc.

Underneath bulkhead covered – semi gloss applied next

Underneath bulkhead covered – semi gloss applied next

A bunch of cabinet fronts covered with eco veneer

Finished – eco veneer cabinets

Recycled plastic shower door

Lumicor shower door installation by Wilson Glass

Shower door made from R4 recycled resin

Thule hitch bike rack

LED lights from Elemental LED

Kitchen faucet

Couch reupholstered – ready to go in the Airstream

High Flex flexible lightweight 130 watt solar panel

High Flex 130 watt panel


  1. Photos look great – can’t wait to see the final look!

  2. Wonderful, keep it up.

  3. Great remodel photos. Looking forward to seeing the finished Airstream. We have been following you on Facebook and Air Forums. Great to see your commitment to conservation and education.

  4. Really excited to find this website, as my husband and I will begin remodeling our RV for full time living this upcoming spring. I’m so excited to follow some of your recommendations, since many of the features you added are ones that we have also considered. My one question though, is in regards to the rainwater collection and filtration system, which is mentioned but not described in detail. Would you mind explaining how you are harvesting rainwater and how is it being plumbed into the trailer? Congratulations on an inspirational adventure and thanks for sharing your experiences with others!

    • Genevieve – thanks for finding us and asking about rainwater. Originally we were looking into collecting and filtering rainwater for our use. After months of looking we were not able to find someone to help us with the roof top collection. We did set up an extra pipe and UV water filter that was situated under the bed. Our idea was to fasten the pipe to a hole in the side of the Airstream. This set up would have an on/off switch so when we filled up the tank with rainwater we could turn the set up off. We did not set up the rooftop collection and pipe going down the outside of the Airstream. We do feel it is doable but only with a UV water filter. Good luck and let us know how yours turns out.

  5. Would you mind sharing how much your shower door cost? I really like the look of it and am starting to put together ideas for our Airstream reno.

    • Howdy. The door/exterior shower wall was from Lumicor and we got it for 50% off and spent about $500.

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