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American Clay walls – before and after photos

Finished living area – sulphur springs with a splash of cedar

The airstream walls look great.  After 40 hours of prep work we are happy to say that the walls/ceiling are complete.  American Clay created custom colors for this project.  The sulphur springs is an AC color but the shades of denim, cedar and periwinkle are unique… our AC installers Rick Kantor and Jim Gooley helped us with the color names.  Both of them were brilliant with their technique.  Next, we will re-surface the existing cabinets with eco veneer and install flooring.  To get the look and feel of the clay you really need to see it in person.  Until then, here are photos of the Airstream walls during the process and the beautiful results:

Prep work – carpet off walls, adhesive removed, bondo covering rivets and seams

Airstream wall prep – next step is primer paint

No VOC primer paint with American Clay sand mixed in for texture

No VOC primer paint on

3 shades of denim looks awesome!

nice view of the ceiling

above the bed – 3 shades of denim looks like sky

Finished bedroom – shades of denim

Finished bedroom wall – denim with finger drag

Finished living area – sulphur springs with a splash of cedar

Finished living room ceiling


  1. So cool! Way to go with this project, I’m excited for you both! 🙂

    • Hi Bob…great to hear from you and we are psyched to know you are following our progress. Can’t wait to see you in Colorado!

  2. I have been following your site. I think what you have going is great and to put a grounding surface like clay on your moving walls is very cool – it breathes and releases negative ions as you mentioned and is great for your health. Can’t wait to try and catch you out on the road on your tour to see this Airstream in person!

  3. Love the idea, is the american clay holding up, is it cracking at all? How many miles have you driven with it?

  4. Hi Lynda and Jason –

    Thanks for writing. Jason we have not driven with the clay yet. We are still in the last stages of the remodel. Heading out this summer for full-timing. Our American Clay installer/sponsor, Jim Gooley, also put clay on his Airstream walls and has about 2,000 miles so far. With the correct prep work (which we did with his coaching) we are expecting little to no issues. Our videos page has more info. on this prep work if you are interested. More to come once we are on the road. Thanks.

  5. If I were rich I would go with you gals and document EVERYTHING! WOW! What an amazing labor of love for our planet!!!! Congrats!! Cannot wait to see the progress! Let’s talk about doing a shoot before you embark! I think it would be awesome!

    • Brenda and I would love to meet up with you soon and have you take some snaps of us in action!!!

  6. Congrats on hitting the road! I just tried to email Jim Gooley to see how his American Clay has been holding up, but with no luck…old email address I guess. I’m so curious to hear how the American Clay is holding up to the temperature changes and rough roads of travel. We would love to do it in our 1973 Tradewind, but are hesitant for that very reason. Have you heard any more from Jim about how his is aging? How about yours a couple months in?
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Tracy –
      Thanks! I am so glad we worked with Jim. In fact if we hadn’t found him and had him help us with the install we probably wouldn’t have even tried this. We had been in love with American Clay for years and didn’t really know if it was a possibility to use it in the Airstream. So Jim talked us through the prep work and he himself had around 2,000 successful miles on his Airstream so we gave it a shot. We now have just over 2,000 miles and no problems at all. Jim has had his parked for the last year so I don’t think he has any additional miles on it. We did decide to spray on the AC penetrating sealer in the “high use” areas of the clay. We used 10% solution and 90% water and it is a low VOC product. We sprayed it around the couch and bed area since we lean against it with pillows, etc. and they get alot of use. We noticed that before we sprayed the sealer, parts of the clay would come off like powder (not chunks, not leaving behind holes or anything). We just thought it would hold up better with a sealer. And it has held up perfectly! With the right prep work I would say go for it. We haven’t spent nights below 35 or days above 90 yet but to be honest we don’t plan to. One of our goals is to chase nice weather all year long. Good luck.

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