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Saying Goodbye to a Sweet Soul

She was 10 years old but sweet Sappho acted more like 6 months.  Bright eyed, sincere, into simple pleasures.  Back on the floor, belly exposed and stretching for the sky… this is how she slept. On the floor, in the bed, on the couch, in a flower pot, in your arms… this is where she slept.


When she wasn’t sleeping she was doing a walkabout and talking.  She always had something to say, just like the kid that follows you everywhere saying “did you see it, did you see it.”  When you least expect it she was ready to jump into my arms always expecting me to catch her… this was our thing as well as sweet, rough tongue cat licks on the face.  She was a fierce companion always there by my side.  When I walked outside and through the garden she hurried to catch up so as not to miss a thing.

She was the runt of her mom’s litter with goo in her eyes and only one working kidney.  The only long hair in the bunch and I spotted her a mile away.  The whole herd of cats was in a farm house in rural NJ.  I was there for a stint working in outdoor education at a year- round facility.  I saw the flyer at the local market and headed to pick out a new kitty.  Little did I know what I was in for.

Catnip was king… those claws would stretch and retract along the rug like nobody’s business.  Then get out of the way cause this little lady was streaking through the house and nothing could stop her – down one hall, through the cat door, around the house and back she came.  “mama did you see me, I was flying”.  It had only been like 15 seconds but I always smiled and said “go get it Sapph’s”.  And she was off again chasing the imaginary mouse.  Good times.

Faith and Luna remain (dog and cat).  They look around for Sappho and they know she is gone.  I had a dream the other night, a very Harry Potterish kind of dream.  Sappho was about 20 yards away in a ghostly outline sitting on a perch.  She meowed and started gliding towards me.  Then right through me.  I smiled.  Sappho was saying goodbye.  Goodbye sweet fairy of a kitty – you were loved.

Hangin’ out

We put straw in the garden and she loved it


  1. Such a beautiful story about the two of you. I am sure she will surely be missed. I have lost many a pet in my life. It is always hard when they pass. I tell you though I wouldn’t have it any other way. All the pain I feel when they pass is all about the shear joy I experience having them in my life. We are all truly blessed!

  2. Hey Cynthia – thanks so much for the kind words. Makes me smile!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to a cat that sounded special. Our individual furries bring so much love and laughter into our lives, must we remember and treasure those beautiful moments. As my Luna sits next to me as I am writing, how thankful we are for their presence. May Sappho rest in peace with the rest of the kitties…

    • Hi Jenna – Thanks so much for the words. That’s right… you have a Luna too! 🙂

  4. Maybe Sappho is just letting you know she’ll see you later. I dreamed one time that I had died and was moving towards a light. In the far distance I could see beings moving towards me. As we drew closer, I could see loved ones who had passed on years before…but out front, rushing to meet me, was every pet I had ever owned! It was the most joyful dream I’ve ever had!

    • Lisa that is a great dream. Thanks for sharing during this difficult time. I think she is saying everything is ok and she will see me again sometime.

  5. Great story about your sweet cat Sappho. Lovely. Can’t wait to follow your journey!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your story – beautiful kitty. What would we do without our sweet animals.

  7. Thanks Kim and Dal – I was just thinking about Sappho today and wanted to relive this blog post… smiles:)

  8. What a beautiful tribute! I believe she will be there waiting for you in what lies beyond!

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