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Shower Remodel – we need your help

We would love input on ways to remodel the shower – keeping in mind we would like to use healthy, eco or recycled materials and that weight is an issue.  We would love your ideas. Check out the photos to see what it looks like now.








This first pic is of the shower in the original condition with a sliding door and marine plywood curved and attached to the Airstream wall (on the right).  The plywood was starting to rot and wouldn’t have lasted much longer.  We took this off as you can see in pic 2.  We thought about eco tiles inside the shower but weight and cost might be a factor.  3form and Lumicor make an eco resin panel that looks like frosted plexiglass but with cool designs and non-harmful materials.  We just aren’t sure what to do.  We are open to using recycled materials and having this look great but without spending tons of $$$.



  1. I recall seeing cork used as a wall covering in Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” house in PA. Cork has water proof characteristics and is mildew resistant, used on flooring etc. You’ll still need a curved wall to match the Airstream structure, that’ll be the challenge. Plastic or sheet metal would seem to be the only thing that will be formable to make curved shapes. And will need a glue to hold it.

    Weight versus green will be a hard decision too…. Glass is natural but heavy and safety is an issue. It will have to be tempered.

    Possibly not using a door at all…. form the shower into a spiral curve. But that will take up more space.

    • We decided to buy some clearance pebble tile at our local eco store. We might add this to the lower half of the shower and paint the upper half white. Still deciding on a shower door. Pics to come.

  2. Hey Phil –

    Thanks for your ideas. If possible we want to keep the existing shower shell that is in the pic but not sure how to “dress” it. We have seen the DIY Airstream videos where they just paint over the existing tub. It looked good but was toxic fumed paint.

  3. We scrapped the shower tile idea. Time consuming and didn’t turn out to be the look we wanted. We changed the shower door and replaced it with a Lumicor panel – recycled LEED approved plastic. Wilson Glass here in the Bay area cut it to size and fabricated the fixtures, closure, etc. Thanks to Wilson Glass and their discounted price on our install.

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