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Veggie Oil System is up and running…

150 gallon wvo tank with Hotfox heating element

We picked up the truck a few days ago and the veggie oil conversion kit and new tank is complete.  Check it out on our Biofuel page.  Read more to see pics.






WVO on/off switch and WVO fuel gauge located on the truck dash

Hotfox up close

23 amp fuel pump for wvo – located on underside of truck

Heat exchange plate – located on underside of truck

Vormax coolant-heated two-stage water separator/filter with filter restriction gauge


  1. I’m sorry if this seems like a personal question, but how much did a kit & conversion like this set you guys back? I’d really like to try this in the future, and I am just trying to get an idea of what I am in for.

    • Hi Cortney –

      WVO kits do cost a bit so save up. The parts are anywhere from $1,150-$3,000 depending on what type of vehicle you have. I am sure you can pay less by piecing parts together but if you go with one of the companies listed on our site that is the general pricing you should expect. If you are doing a 2 tank system you will need to buy a 2nd tank or in our case have one built. Then there is installation which will vary depending on who you use…but a reputable installer that does this for a living should go for $1,500-$2,500 depending on the vehicle. It’s tricky business so be sure to work with an installer that REALLY knows what he/she is doing. Hope this helps.

  2. I’ve considered Waste Vegetable Oil, I’m concerned that you need to manage mineral fuel with Veggie oil somewhat like the old Gasoline/coal oil John Deere tractors or they can be hard to start.

    • Hi LaMarr – Check out our info. on the Biofuel page at It goes over exactly what we had to add to the diesel truck and how we collect and manage used veggie oil… pretty easy actually – no mineral oil.

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