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A Prefab and some land – Part 2

FlatPak House

Here are some more of our favorite prefab designs…. the modern elements and the architecture are awesome.  With prefabs, often times you can buy the shell and basic elements of the home and do finishing work on your own.  This will be another way we can save some money and use our own skills to finish the home exactly how we envision it.

Piece Homes – Solar Passage

Rocio Romero – Fish Camp

another Rocio Romero design

Blue Sky Homes

Blue Sky Homes

Architecture and Hygiene


  1. So nice to hear from you. The prefab house looks interesting. My husband has almost completed our glass house. Will post photos soon.

    As for the biodiesel,, I would still worry about the algae,, anything they take for money they destroy, they would probably over harvest that to or disrupt any food chain. Would like to research it further.

    When are you heading off?

    • Glass house? I would love to know more… Yes, please post pics on your blog. We plan on heading out mid-year. 🙂

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