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WVO Conversion kits

So you know you’re interested in using straight vegetable oil or WVO in your diesel ride. But where do you start?  There are many resources out there for car/truck conversions.  Depending on where you are located there is probably someone near you.  We recommend working with a mechanic that knows diesel engines and also is an expert on the installation of the WVO/SVO conversion kits and modifications to your vehicle.  Make sure they have a warranty policy and that they are available to walk you through any problems once the system has been installed.  Not sure if this is an exhaustive list but these are the companies we were able to find on the web.  Good luck!  We worked with a local company, PlantDrive.

PlantDrive™ – Berkeley, CA – WVO, SVO vegetable oil fuel system, gas alternative

Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems – Holyoke, MA

Frank Motors – Winnipeg, Manitoba –

Welcome to Golden Fuel Systems! – Springfield, MO

Full Circle Fuels – OH and NY – they also sell biodiesel and SVO

Good Grease | Buy Sell WVO | Recycled Oils | Diesel WVO

VegRev – Oakland, CA

Green Eye Autos – Eugene, OR

Dieselcraft – Naples, FL



  1. Good site – it’s important to let people know they can actually run a diesel engine on oil (new or used). Most people don’t even realize this is an option. More and more companies are getting into this field as they see the interest increase. This will be good for competition, prices and quality. It’s great what you 2 are doing!


  2. Hey can you let me know if I can put this conversion kit on a 2006-2010 TDI volkswagen,


  3. Hi David –
    It’s doubtful that the kit we used would be the fit for your VW but each conversion kit company will have an kit/adaptation for your car as long as it is a diesel fueled vehicle. Where are you located? Try to find someone near you by looking through our list.

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