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Big Horn

Dodge Ram 2500 diesel – Big Horn

Generally, we try and come up with catchy blog titles to keep you interested and guessing.  We want you to push the “read more” button, right?  Well, we can’t take credit for “Big Horn”.  Yes, this is the name of our new Dodge truck – the Big Horn.

And it is huge – it has the 8ft long bed to hold our 150 gallon wvo tank and a quad cab so Faith (our golden retriever) can sit in the back seat when we travel.  It is a 2006 model with 130,000 miles just warming up the cummins diesel engine. Click on the pics to see the full size of this bohemeth 🙂  Also interesting… unloaded and on the highway this truck gets around 21.5 mpg.

If you have been following our path, you will remember the post “Mama, this truck is not going to work”.  The first truck we purchased – a 1998 Dodge Ram single cab – didn’t have a back seat for Faith and she traveled in the long bed which had a camper shell. That didn’t work!!!! Not at all!!!  I don’t think we have ever seen her so scared – panting, shedding, etc.  So we did what all good mama’s would do and we sold that truck and bought this one. Live and learn.

Dodge Ram diesel truck with 150 gallon wvo tank




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