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Great article below from Treehugger – Living in smaller spaces with excellent design concepts!

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TreeHugger founder Graham Hill is trying to radically reduce his footprint and live happily with less space, less stuff and less waste on less money, but with more design. He calls it “LifeEdited.” You can help: Enter the design competition and win up to $70,000 in prizes and possibly design the apartment!

The entries are beginning to come in, and some of them are really quite ingenious. The wonderfully named ethanvonfakename submitted this rendering complete with storage steps, Graham’s flatbike and a fold-down bed. He promises a lot more to come; I am looking forward to it.

Erik Strub offers a very interesting central rotating unit.

The Main Idea is a new concept to save energy.  There is a “central rotating system” which is split into 4 rooms. The Office, Space for Food storage, the kitchen and a bike-rest. Depending on the sunlight you can rotate the Rooms towards the sun, so that you need less light to work. The System is equipped with big ball bearings, so that you can rotate the Rooms by yourself, or maybe with an engine. That engine will get it´s energy from solar panels outside or maybe inside (build-in in every room), so that the system works completely by itself. The spare energy could be used to heat the water for the shower.

Classical – dividing the entire apartment up with golden sections. He draws by hand, too, very nicely.

Dining Table, benches store into walls that swing into place to divide space and then close to conceal kitchen. The beds also hide in swinging walls that rotate back to create storage on their back sides. The entire space can be transformed by rotating walls to varying degrees.

I am really liking the work of Josh Riedel; this little bedroom at the airshaft makes some sense, because it is far from the street and probably quieter, yet still has fresh air. There is a generous, realistic storage room. He has two entries; I prefer this one.

It is great to see so many wonderful entries coming in, but most so far seem to be from European designers, where they are more familiar with the Jovoto idea. North American designers might be holding back, like one does with a traditional competition, submitting at the final deadline. But this is different; comments and reader votes count.

Video from Graham about Living on Less:

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