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Revamping and Recycling..

Posted in Airstream, Composting Toilet, Interior, Recycling, Walls and Ceiling | 6 comments

We spent the day taking out the old.. dinette table and chairs, the pull out table that was in front of the couch, light fixtures, the...

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Biodiesel – Things to Know

Posted in Biofuel, Diesel Truck | 4 comments

Some good general info. for all you veg heads working with biodiesel. Solvent properties of biodiesel Biodiesel, unlike petrol diesel, is...

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DIY WVO – Where We Score Veggie Oil

Posted in Biofuel, WVO | 1 comment

When you think about it, there are many, many places you COULD get waste vegetable oil. Any place that has a kitchen and uses oil will...

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WVO Conversion kits

Posted in Biofuel, WVO | 3 comments

So you know you’re interested in using straight vegetable oil or WVO in your diesel ride. But where do you start?  There are many...

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Composting Toilet – How it works

Posted in Airstream, Carbon Footprint, Composting Toilet, Conserve, Green Living, Off the Grid | 28 comments

What about the poop? Everyone wants to know how we could possibly use a toilet that doesn’t flush and doesn’t use water. And...

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Paying People to Use Composting Toilets

Posted in Composting Toilet, Green Living | 2 comments

Another cool article from Treehugger featuring composting toilets: One bodily function may soon bring a windfall for residents of Durban,...

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Big Horn

Posted in Biofuel, Diesel Truck, WVO | 0 comments

Generally, we try and come up with catchy blog titles to keep you interested and guessing.  We want you to push the “read...

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WVO – Fuel for a Diesel Engine

Posted in Biofuel, WVO | 2 comments

It is pretty amazing to think that vegetable oil is a viable fuel source for diesel engines… but it is!  Rudolf Diesel was the...

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Life Edited

Posted in Design for Small Spaces, Tiny Home | 0 comments

Great article below from Treehugger – Living in smaller spaces with excellent design concepts! Read...

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