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Mama, this truck is not going to work!

If our golden retriever, Faith, could talk, this is what she would have said to us the entire trip to Healdsburg.  She is sweet, loyal and sensitive. Being in the bed of the truck even with a camper shell and in her kennel was waaayyy too much for her.  It was too loud, she panted and would not sit down and relax in her kennel the whole trip.

When we were shopping for the truck we were thinking primarily about 2 things.  One, the truck needed to have enough power to easily pull the Airstream. Two, the truck needed to be a good fit for veggie oil conversion.  We assumed Faith would be ok.

1998 Dodge Ram Diesel

We are working with a local veggie oil guru – Craig Reece from PlantDrive.  He said his first choice for veggie conversions is the 1994-1998.5 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel with 5.9L cummins engine, 12 valve.  We really like the way Dodge’s drive so we went for the 1998 Ram.  The quad cabs, we were told, were almost impossible to find.  Since the trucks aren’t easily available we went for the regular cab when we found it locally. It is a great truck but now it’s up for sale.  It simply won’t work for Faith.

Another choice would be the 1999-2002 Ford Powerstroke but when we did a test drive we didn’t like the feel of the Ford.  We spoke with Craig who says the Dodge Ram 2003-2006 would also work with minimal problems.  We are now looking for a quad cab for Faith and a truck bed big enough to fit our new 150 gallon veggie oil tank.  As soon as we find it and sell the older 1998 Dodge we will have PlantDrive install the veggie system.

Live and learn 🙂

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