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It’s Electric – The New Tongue Jack

Barker VIP 2000 electric jack

OK so we used the hand cranking tongue jack a total of 2 times before we decided we needed an electric one.  I assume everyone feels this way or else they use this task to work out and muscle up 🙂  Here’s how it went – we decided to do the work ourselves and it was great.

The first thing we did was to remove the propane tank cover and the 2 propane tanks.  As you can see the area underneath the tanks was dirty and rusted.  We cleaned the metal and sprayed a coating of Rustoleum to prevent further rust.   Next we removed the 3 bolts holding down the old hitch and cleaned the area.  Here is a direct link to the hitch: Barker VIP RV Power Jack

Cover and propane tanks removed – old hand crank hitch still on

The front bolt needed to touch metal so we used a wire brush to remove the painted surface – perfect.

We used a wire brush to expose fresh metal for contact

The wire cable was attached to one of the trailer batteries.  We drilled a hole in the battery box and fed the cable through.  Look in the right upper corner above and you will see the hole.

We drilled a hole in the battery box to thread the cable

Battery box with drilled hole for cable

All done and ready to use.

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  1. We use the Barker VIP hitch too and it’s great. The install was easy, as you mentioned, and we did it ourselves. Have fun out there.


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