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Mouse Fur

Removing the carpet from the Airstream walls

So what we have on at least half of our Airstream wall is what Airstreamers affectionately call “mouse fur”.  Basically, it is a fuzzy, carpet type material attached to the aluminum under skin with adhesive.

“Soy It” soy based non-toxic adhesive stripper

Bare clean aluminum

We have decided to remove the mouse fur and see the condition underneath.  Adhesive strippers are pretty harsh and toxic – not to mention the fumes – so we did some research and found a green soy based stripper called “Soy-It”.  We bought a small spray sample because we were pessimistic – would this green alternative actually work?  Can a product without a “knock you down” kind of smell still work?  Yes and Yes.  We couldn’t believe it.  The mouse fur actually peeled right back from the wall with a gentle tug.  The left over adhesive was directly on the aluminum inner skin.  We sprayed the Soy-It on and let it sit for 4 hours.  It is thick and gel-like and doesn’t dry quickly… you are actually not supposed to let it dry.  After the 4 hours we scrapped off the goo with a plastic scrapper and followed up with a general degreaser cleaner.  It looks pretty good even before a polishing.

The next step is to polish this aluminum.  We still want to stay green so we found a company called Eco Touch.  They make a cleaner/polisher for metal and aluminum.  They have good reviews so we are going out to buy some and see how it goes.  The aluminum isn’t the same quality as the exterior so we aren’t sure yet if we polish a few areas and leave them exposed.  With the rest of the walls and ceiling, we plan to add American Clay natural plaster – see American Clay.


  1. Looks great & I can’t wait to see the next step. Also psyched to learn of that soy adhesive remover, thanks 🙂

  2. Hey Remi –

    Thanks so much for your support. The Soy-It adhesive remover does work like a charm. It is made by Eco Safety products and is officially called “Soy-It” Polyurethane Stripper Gel Formula. Not super cheap but it is effective and safe. No chemical high for me 🙂 We also just bought their general cleaner/degreaser and will report on that soon.

    Info from their site


    * Non Toxic
    * Low VOC
    * Non Flammable
    * Biodegradable
    * Bio Based Soy
    * Rapidly Renewable Resource
    * Neutral pH
    * Mild Odor- Pleasant Lemon Scent
    * Easy to Apply & Remove
    * Minimum Dwell Times
    * Meets Federal Executive Orders
    * Meets Federal Buy Bio Programs
    * Meets Green Building LEED Requirements

  3. What is the circular item shown in the picture above? Is it a rivet? Is it a hole? Does it need to be covered to make sure no air, etc… gets in? Thanks, New Airstreamers.

    • Hi Joanna – thanks for writing. That is actually a rivet and it is located on the interior aluminum wall. Originally, we had mouse fur or wall carpet covering it and in order to put on the american clay we had to remove the wall carpet and then clean it. No need to cover it unless you want to:)

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