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Composting Toilets, oh my…

Yummy new Airstreams

We LOVE going to AS dealers – hello eye candy and beauty everywhere.  Silver heavenly structures…. So needless to say, because we love them so much, it is hard to write this negative review.  The issue turned out to be that the dealer had never actually installed a composting toilet and therefore didn’t know what they were getting into.  We decided to believe the guy when he said “No problem.  We haven’t installed a composting toilet before but we are up for the challenge”.

Nature’s Head waterless composting toilet

We’re thinking excellent news…. how hard can it be.  We already needed to get 4 new tires, clean the bearings and add a Fantastic fan.  So let’s have them put the new composting toilet in as well.  After about a month I started to get worried.  We kept hearing “we just need it a bit longer – had to order a different part – the part we received isn’t working……”  Finally, we called and told them we needed to pick up the AS whether or not they had completed the toilet.  It had been a month and a half and we had alot more work to do.  Plus, we wanted to take her on a first trip up the California coast.  The lead service manager finally admitted that he didn’t know what he was doing and that it is quite difficult.  We have since decided to put in our own Nature’s Head toilet…

Going green… we are having to take it one step and one project at a time.  Research, research, research.  If you can’t do the work yourself try and find service folks that have done the work before.  I guess all we really wanted was for them to be honest in the first place and say they couldn’t do it.  We would have just found someone else at the beginning.  Lessons learned.  But we do LOVE to go see the Airstreams.  We aren’t frustrated with all Airstream dealers but we have learned what to ask of them and when to go to other professionals.  Now on to the next project.


  1. Good posting and shows the reality of working with RV companies… I get it. Looks like it all worked out though and the eco Airstream is beautiful.

  2. Thank you for the information
    How do you flush the toilet?
    How do you clean it?
    Can you flush toilet paper?
    Thank you & best wishes,

    • Hi Toby – you don’t flush the toilet. The urine goes in the diverter container and number 2 goes into the composting bin. It remains there with peat moss or coconut coir added after each use. There is a crank arm that you spin after each use as well. Once it is full you empty the container. Toilet paper can go in the waste container but not urine container.

  3. Who would I ask to install the Natures Head?

    • Hi Susan – any RV place should be able to do this.


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