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Our Carbon Footprint

We are motivated to reduce our carbon footprint as we change our lifestyle and energy needs. Below are the changes we have made or are in the process of making to live a more sustainable life – every little bit adds up:

* Before we hit the road – We moved closer to work so we could take public transportation instead of driving and decided to rent instead of own our home.

* Sell Honda Element and Toyota Prius – we still had car payments on both vehicles but weren’t using them once we moved closer to work. We still have the Dodge truck which will run on waste veggie oil.

* Commuting – take bus, rapid transit (BART) or bike to the ferry – try to use public transportation exclusively.

* Purchased used Dodge diesel truck (instead of a new vehicle) to pull Airstream and run errands when necessary.

* Using recycled waste vegetable oil (WVO) from local restaurants to fuel the truck (free) – alternative fuel source.

Airstream modifications and renovations include:

* Replace existing toilet with a waterless composting toilet.

* Add solar power on top of the Airstream, including a inverter and additional deep cycle RV batteries. This will keep us boondocking off the grid and is a renewable resource.

* Addition of rain water collection off roof of Airstream – collects water, filters it and diverts it to fresh water tank.

* Interior changes include American Clay on the walls instead of carpet, cork flooring instead of carpet, bamboo and Marmoleum counter tops instead of pressed board, no VOC paint, eco veneer cabinet fronts, eco-friendly mattress and sustainable, organic fabrics.

Curious about your own carbon footprint? Here are a few sites to help you along:

Carbon Footprint –

The Nature Conservancy –

Zero Footprint Kids – Great educational resource for children –


  1. I love so much what you are doing. Can’t wait to follow your progress!

  2. Thanks Jan – glad you’re reading.

  3. I love how you have set your goals super high – off the grid mobile machine… love it!

  4. Excellent stuff here on carbon footprint. Thanks for writing this up – great blog site.

  5. Hi there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I’ll certainly digg it
    and personally suggest it to my friends. They are into the eco lifestyle. Cool Airstream and house.

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