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On the Green Road…. almost.

Highways of California

This blog is dedicated to following our steps to complete off the grid living… we aren’t there yet.  We just bought a 2003 Airstream Safari from a biker dude named Ken. We also just bought a Dodge Ram 2500 diesel truck. Before this we made the decision to sell our house in Felton, CA and rent in Alameda, CA (right down the road from where we worked). This was a difficult decision for us to make because our dream had always been to own a home with property and grow our own organic food and live a sustainable life.

We are in CA and the cost of living in regards to gas prices, property and income taxes has made it difficult to have a simple life, the life we wanted and also own the home. In deciding to rent instead of owning, we have more disposable income each month and have since paid off debt and continue to pay ourselves by adding to our savings account. We are definitely on the right track!

Santa Cruz mountains – Felton, CA

It all began outside Santa Cruz, CA in the redwood mountains of Felton.  We were living in a fairy tale of a house on a fairy tale of a property…. but all the while thinking to ourselves, “this is suppose to be it, but, THIS IS NOT IT”.  Large house, large property, beautiful redwoods and sunny California.  Our voices were so loud and so crystal clear that we couldn’t ignore it.  Truth be told, we were spending way too much money and time each month keeping up this lifestyle, all the while feeling anxious and chained to our life.

So, how did we get here and how do we get out?  Follow us on our journey.

The map below shows where we lived in the Lompico area of Felton,CA

[mappress mapid=”2″]


  1. Hi, i followed your link from the We Can Do It! Women Who Camp With An Airstream, Teardrop, Tent or Trailer facebook page. We spent a couple of months in Felton last year in our airstream, so was fun to read this post! Good luck on your travels, and seeing where the wind will blow you!

    • Hey Kim. Thanks for the post. And love the name “airstreamdreaming”. Yes, Felton is beautiful – the Santa Cruz mountains are very special. Thanks for the support and hope to see you out on the road!

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