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IKEA Hack: Reclaimed Redwood Sideboard/Buffet

Posted in Design for Small Spaces, Recycling, Tiny Home | 0 comments

Hello Fine Peeps – We have been busy designing and building furniture pieces – a reclaimed redwood sliding barn door and a...

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Ultra Touch Denim Insulation Is In

Posted in Green Living, Recycling, Tiny Home | 0 comments

Ultra Touch blue jean denim insulation by Bonded Logic We chose to use Ultra Touch eco-friendly blue jean/denim batt insulation for the...

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Tiny House Update: Reclaimed Floors

Posted in Interior, radiant heat, Recycling, Tiny Home | 2 comments

Hello fine folks – it is February 10th and we are right in the middle of our reclaimed fir flooring install. As you recall, this old...

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Repost – How London is Keeping the 2012 Olympics Sustainable

Posted in Carbon Footprint, Conserve, Green Living, Recycling | 0 comments

How London is Keeping the 2012 Olympics Sustainable Thanks to Ecosalon… this is a repost by Aylin Erman Carrying the torch for...

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Sustainable and beautiful – our new Kirei desk

Posted in Airstream, Design for Small Spaces, Interior, Recycling, Your Health | 5 comments

Brenda and I built this work desk that replaced the dinette we removed.  A lovely RVing couple came to get the dinette and are using it. ...

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After Photos are here.. Eco Airstream

Posted in Airstream, American Clay, Carbon Footprint, Composting Toilet, Conserve, Interior, Off the Grid, Recycling, Solar, Walls and Ceiling | 6 comments

Thanks to Barbara and Wayne Yasuhara (Y Studio Photography).  More after photos on our photos...

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I Really Think We Are Almost Ready… Photos

Posted in Airstream, Conserve, Design for Small Spaces, Interior, Recycling, Solar, Water Filtration | 7 comments

The remodel is almost complete.  Now don’t get me wrong – anyone that has done any type of remodel knows it’s best to...

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Recycling – Airstream parts we removed

Posted in Airstream, Interior, Recycling | 4 comments

What are we doing with the Airstream parts we remove?  Putting them in a landfill? Trying not to.  Our goal during this remodel has been...

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Revamping and Recycling..

Posted in Airstream, Composting Toilet, Interior, Recycling, Walls and Ceiling | 6 comments

We spent the day taking out the old.. dinette table and chairs, the pull out table that was in front of the couch, light fixtures, the...

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