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Eco Living Bucket List

Eco Living Bucket List


Ok.. so are you the type of person that considers yourself an eco-warrior? Check out the non-exhaustive list below and see how you stack up..

Bucket lists are always a good way to make sure you fulfil your life dreams. There are a range of different bucket lists you can make, from day to day living to travel and adventure. If you really care about the environment, the planet and making a difference, why not put together a cheeky Eco-bucket list and start feeling better about the world we live in?

Here are just a few ideas that you could add to your eco living bucket list..


*Grow your own food

Sourcing local food is great, but it’s even better to make your own. As well as helping the planet, you’ll get a real sense of achievement from nurturing your own fruit and veg. Plus you’ll get the added bonus of knowing there are no nasty chemicals or pesticides going into your food, it’s just pure natural energy that you cultivated yourself. Who knows, you might produce more than you need and then you can give it away for extra feel good vibes.


*Live off self-sufficient power

Living off the grid isn’t for everyone, but becoming self-sufficient doesn’t mean sacrificing your heating for a wood burner. You can do simple things like having eco insulators in your home and switching to eco energy providers, to adding solar panels or a wind turbine to your property.


*Volunteer for an environmental or wildlife cause

Not only will you help the planet, you’ll feel great, get outdoors and meet loads of like minded people.


*Spread the word about doing good for the planet

Change starts with conversation. Become confident in using Green topics when meeting people and make it your life goal to spread the word about saving the planet.



*Meet Inspirational environmentalists

You may not know of any now, or you might numerous environmental idols. Either way searching and finding someone who inspires you is a great way to inspire yourself and boost your motivation to change the world.



Make your own from food and garden waste and then use it to make your garden or vegetables flourish.


*Save a species, or contribute to doing so

Make a small donation or fully commit yourself to a conservation adventure. Either way you’ll be contributing to keeping nature and life alive on this planet.


*Attend Climate rally/march/demonstration

Attend one of the events is a great way to feel like you are a part of a bigger movement. It’s so hard being ‘green’ or ‘eco’ on your own, with all the external influences and opinions you have to meander through to do good.

Getting involved in activities that involve with other green folk really helps you feel like you’re doing something, and everything you have done has all been for something much larger than just yourself.


*Create a totally eco-friendly home

From finding a designer that incorporates eco-friendly features in your home to reducing your household waste. There are so many avenues and routes in which you could start this venture off on. The key to achieving this it is starting small and continuing to build on your progress.


*Own a Hybrid or electric car

Buying a hybrid or electric car is a big investment, but it will help your wallet and the planet in the long run. If you have a diesel you could look into running it off your own biodiesel instead of getting a whole new car.



*Be in nature everyday

There is nothing that should stop you from doing this. You’ll be flooding yourself with natural light, fresh air and awakening your senses to the world around you.

Now go out there and be a green warrior!

The following is a guest post from Edward Woodward. A writer at Kedel blog.

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