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Big Corp. Going Green in the Hotel & Airport Industry

We always like to see big business taking a turn towards the greener path. We recently came across info about Sofitel and the Gatwick Airport and their steps to make their region a greener place.

It is important to see notable global brands start to make a stand and aim to become more eco-friendly.

Sofitel, one of the world’s largest and revered hotel brands, has started to do this with its chain of hotels, with its Gatwick branch in London England being the first to undergo sustainable development. Employing simple measures such as energy-saving light bulbs throughout the hotels rooms and reception areas, using eco-designed materials in the guest rooms, recycling on a larger scale and even sourcing local produce to prepare all meals.

It’s a commendable full-circle that a hotel chain such a Sofitel has performed – becoming a much more greener conscience brand. But what’s interesting is that this hotel isn’t alone in its well-publicized pursuits in becoming greener in the Gatwick region.

This eco-friendly mindset that the area has adopted has also transcended to the revered Gatwick airport too. Gatwick airport has been in operation since the 1920s and is the “world’s busiest single runway airport,” with approximately 55 planes per hour using the runway.

The need was always there to initiate change at the airport but it wasn’t until the appointment of CEO Stewart Wingate in 2010 that they began a momentous change. He along with his team launched the ‘Decade of Change’ looking to reduce the airport’s carbon footprint and emissions through trivial things such as changing the runway lights to LED lighting technology, which reduced the energy consumption on the runway by up to 50%.

It’s been labeled as a “£1.2 billion capital expenditure program,” targeting recycling excavation waste by 95%, which helped them achieve an ISO 14001 in the environmental management and the Carbon Trust standard. Reducing the carbon footprint of the airport even extended to collective travel options within the airport’s vast grounds. Shuttle buses ferry flyers from the North and South car parks to the terminals per Parking4Less to help lower emissions.

And although Wingate and his team are only 4 years into their Decade of Change initiative they are already gaining media exposure and reveling in the results from the measures they have already employed. The same can be said about Sofitel, too as they look to initiate this throughout their hotels across the world.

Global brands help others take notice by setting an example – a greener world is a better more sustainable world. Ultimately raising the profile and need for a more sustainable mindset to safe guard our children’s generation.

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