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Small Spaces – transformation, moving walls, efficiency and murphy beds

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Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!  Here are inspirational videos about living in transformed small spaces – living compact, well and efficiently.  It looks like we will close on our tiny home in January 2013.  We are feverishly doing research and writing out our favorite small design ideas from our own RV travel/life over the last 18 months.  Soon we will begin our own transformation/remodel on the 500 square foot house.  Here are two amazing videos demonstrating creative, multi-functional use of small spaces in New York. The first one is about founder, Graham Hill,  who transformed his own 420 square foot apartment. The second video shows Rosa and Robert Garneau’s Chelsea apartment of just 550 square feet of usable space – with a bedroom just 8 feet wide.  Both videos are produced by Kirsten Dirksen and...

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Guest Post – DIY Tricks to Make the Most of a Small Living Space

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Thanks to Katie White from DIY Mother for this great guest post!! 
Reducing your footprint doesn’t have to be uncomfortable One of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact is to limit the size of your home. Small homes use less land and raw materials, cost much less to heat and cool, and you’ll be less tempted to fill them with things you don’t need. Still, if you’re feeling a little stir-crazy in a smaller home, you’re not alone; so here are a few little tricks to give yourself some breathing room without actually knocking down walls. 1. Kitchen Small kitchens can be noisy, crowded little pressure-cookers, breeding hot tempers and short fuses. Paint your kitchen in light, cool shades to help everyone relax, and if possible, coordinate the entire kitchen in two or three colors to avoid...

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Our Tiny Home Update

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Big changes are underway.  We put in an offer on a 500 square foot 100 year old house in Alameda, CA.  The home inspection was 11/17/2012 and now we are waiting for escrow to close.  We are looking forward to taking on an entire eco remodel.  We plan on doing a majority of the work ourselves. We have big plans for this little house. Some ideas we want to explore are a vaulted ceiling, adding up to 200 s.f onto the house, a reclaimed wood floor or a concrete floor with radiant heating, rain water collection, low flow toilets like the toto cst744s drake toilet (or maybe a composting toilet), building a loft, open concept living space, installing solar panels, using LED lights, building a mud room/indoor garden room at the back of the house, using solar tubes, rebuilding the...

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OTGR 2.0 – An Update

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So sorry to have been gone for over a month… things have been busy and sad for us recently.  We  have had family sickness and emergency travel to Alabama.  Our step dad is still not out of the woods and will have a long, hard recovery.  We are now back in Alameda, CA (in the San Francisco Bay area) – this is where our home base RV pad and shed are located.  Brenda and I have been talking about our future and what is next for us. Continue traveling, settle into one area, do a combination of both?  We absolutely love this area of California and decided we might want to invest in a tiny home that needs an eco remodel. We curently don’t own property and are excited about this possibility and the idea of another small project....

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Small is Sexy – why down-size?

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If you chose to edit your life and get rid of excess how would you go about it?  We have been inspired and challenged by this question for the last few years.  We once owned tons of STUFF – homes, several cars, things to fill the homes and of course let’s not forget debt.  Brenda and I were inspired by Graham Hill (founder of Treehugger) and his “Less stuff, more happiness” TED talk.  Check it out...

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Faith and Luna – our animal family

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We just realized we don’t have many posted pictures of our awesome traveling companions.  We travel with our 9 year old golden retriever, Faith, and our 14 year old kitty, Luna.  I looked for some pics with both of the girls together, but couldn’t find any – bummer.  Here they are living the life…...

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Banff National Park

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In the fall of 1883, three Canadian Pacific Railway construction workers stumbled across a cave containing hot springs on the eastern slopes of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. From that humble beginning was born Banff National Park, Canada’s first national park and the world’s third. Spanning 6,641 square kilometers (2,564 square miles) of valleys, mountains, glaciers, forests, meadows and rivers, Banff National Park is one of the world’s premier destination spots. The info. below is straight from the Banff official website.  Here are: 10 Things You Have to See in Banff National Park (…and a few more) There are so many things to see in Banff National Park that it’s sometimes difficult to know what to do first. Here are some of the highlights that you should be sure not to miss. Lake Minnewanka 20 min north of Banff on the...

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Veggie Burgers – Which Ones Are Safe….

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I found this article on Food Babe and just had to repost. We try to eat vegan most of the time and this information is invaluable!!! If you eat vegan/vegetarian or are thinking about it, you must check this out.  Knowledge is power. Think Twice Before Buying This Type of Burger …by Food Babe 4th of July is right around the corner and I really can’t think of a better way to celebrate Independence Day than a good old fashioned BBQ. But I have to be honest here, attending a BBQ produces a bit of anxiety for me every time. Will the host serve only beef hamburgers and hotdogs? (I don’t eat beef or any type hot dog.) Will the meat be organic? Will there be vegetarian options? Will the cook char the meat to death and produce heterocyclic...

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Airstream – Sustainability Efforts

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We had the opportunity to visit the Ohio Airstream plant recently.  We were invited by their VP of Marketing, Mollie Hansen.  We stayed at the facility for a week as we had some much needed repair work to be done (hole in the underbelly, broken water pump, hole in the roof).  We had an opportunity to meet with the CEO, Bob Wheeler, as well as Mollie and the VP of Engineering and Sales.  We showed them our green retrofits and they spoke about their sustainability efforts at the production plant. Above photo (from left to right) – with Bruce Bannister (VP of Engineering & Development), Cece, Justin Humphreys (VP of Sales), Bruce Wheeler (President) and Mollie Hansen (VP of Marketing).  While the standard construction industry (houses, commercial buildings, apartments, etc) has Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification...

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The Trek to Thunder Bay, Ontario

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From the Airstream factory in Ohio we headed to Brenda’s mom’s house in Chatham, Ontario.  Our goal was to go way north to Thunder Bay, Ontario (where Brenda went to University) and then start going west along the Canadian Provinces.  It has been a wonderful trek over the last few weeks and we finally landed at our friend’s house in TB.  Here are some of the highlights along the way: The total distance from Chatham, Ontario to Thunder Bay, Ontario was 1025 miles.  Below is the route we took. We had all sorts of fun along the way.  While in Chatham, we walked Victoria Ave. to take in the trees and historic homes, checked out the farmer’s market for cheese curds, butter tarts and sweet corn and HAD to eat at Jean and Brenda’s favorite eatery – Swiss Chalet....

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Open House – Toronto area – 8/3

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Hello – We are going to have an eco Airstream Open House this Friday from 9-11am at our current location in Aberfoyle, Ontario (about an hour from Toronto).  The Airstream and biofuel truck will be on display so come on out and meet us and check out our sustainable mobile living project. When: Friday, August 3rd from 9-11am Where: Across the street from Aberfoyle Public School – 16 Old Brock Rd Guelph, ON N1H 6H9...

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Repost – How London is Keeping the 2012 Olympics Sustainable

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How London is Keeping the 2012 Olympics Sustainable Thanks to Ecosalon… this is a repost by Aylin Erman Carrying the torch for green. In a London Olympics 2012 poster titled “being greener”, the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games vows to keep this year’s Games eco-friendly. London’s Olympic Park will be one of the biggest city parks newly constructed in Europe for more than 150 years. The Games will host 26 Olympic events, 20 Paralympic events, 14,700 athletes, 21,000 media, and 10.8 million ticket holders. While it will inevitably boost the city’s economy, the strain on resources is unavoidable. The Organizing Committee is working hard to maintain a high level of sustainability despite all that needs to be constructed, and the the “being greener” poster is a representation of London’s conscious efforts to make its...

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